Total inbox control.

Eliminating junk and malicious emails from inboxes everywhere.

Email security options for every situation.

Reclaim your email—and your productivity.

The challenges of email security are growing every day. New threats from ransomware and phishing attacks are appearing with increasing frequencey.

Sendio eliminates the threat posed by malicious email and eradicates productivity lost to an avalanche of spam.

With Sendio’s ease of deployment and use, your email security will once again be completely under your control—regardless of whether you deploy Sendio as the full solution or add our products to your existing system.

The Sendio full suite of email security products provide perfect solution for your total system replacement.

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Sendio’s full suite of email security products can be added to your existing security solution, providing a boost in system performance.

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[Sendio] has completely eliminated our spam problem – effortlessly – and freed up numerous hours each day, leading to better employee productivity.


My users praise the IT department on a weekly basis on the amount of junk that is now blocked from their inbox. We love it. I no longer go to the [UI] unless I am expecting a message from someone and they haven’t replied in a timely fashion. I just sit back and let [Sendio] do its job… It is one of my best employees!


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