Sendio Hosted Email Security

Email Security & Productivity in the Cloud

For organizations that prefer the convenience and efficiency of a “cloud-based” service solution the Sendio Hosted Email Security Service completely stops email attacks and abuse and only the valid email enters your local network via our cloud. Our hosted solution uses the same award winning features and technology of our appliance-based solution.

Benefits of Sendio Hosted Email Security:

  • Manage your entire email protection solution via from a web-based interface with no on-site hardware to manage.
  • Reduce bandwidth costs because Sendio forwards only the valid emails into your local network.
  • Dedicated public IP address for all inbound email flows (no shared IP address with other Sendio customers).
  • Highly Secure single database instances for each Sendio Hosted customer, no co-mingling of data.
  • High Availability / Redundancy
  • 24×7 network monitoring and tech support

Sendio Hosted Data Center Architecture:

  • All mail processing servers are run in an N+1 configuration, guaranteeing a fully available server at all times in the event of hardware failure.
  • N+1 power redundancy with redundant power feeds
  • Premium UPS system and backup diesel generators
  • Advanced VESDA fire suppression system
  • Redundant, burstable internet connectivity from multiple tier-1 carriers

Other benefits of Sendio email protection and productivity:

  • Sendio is the first line of email defense. Unwanted emails never hit your mail server.
  • No annoying Junk emails
  • Users maximize day-to-day productivity because they only receive emails from members of their email community and no others.
  • No annoying false positives. Messages are never held or quarantined due to elaborate message content filters.
  • Full Anti-virus protection

How Sendio email protection works:

  • Inbound email for your domain is cut over to Sendio via a DNS MX record change.
  • Outbound email is routed via a Smarthost or relay setting in your mail server through Sendio and out to the Internet.
  • A user’s email community self-manages via simple automatic invitations to new inbound senders who can easily join your community.
  • Users and Administrators can also manually import email community members (customers, suppliers, etc.) to Sendio from CRM systems and other contact databases.
  • Automated senders of phishing, malware, and spam will never get added to a user’s email community.
  • When a user sends an outbound message through Sendio those recipient email addresses are automatically added to the user’s email community.
  • Anti-spoofing technology (DKIM, SPF) provides extra protection against malicious senders to your domain.
  • Sendio always keeps an up to date snapshot of valid email addresses for your organization via an LDAP sync to your onsite LDAP directory.

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