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Founded in 2003, Sendio is a feisty, venture-backed, privately held company whose products protect the email environments of enterprises and institutions from attacks and abuse, and dramatically increases employee efficiency by reducing the amount of time required to manage an email inbox. Using self-managing communities similar to those found in social networking applications, Sendio users receive all of the email sent by customers, suppliers, partners, friends, associates fire and other members of their “community” while being completely shielded from both nonsense messages sent by casual abusers and devious messages from malicious criminal concerns.

The Sendio approach to email security and efficiency is more a paradigm extension than a shift. We employ a “positive” security model; that is – no one is better to determine what email you want to receive than you. All of us have become very comfortable with caller-id and have embraced the verification steps required to participate in social networks. Simply put, if you want to add someone to your social network, you need to ask for their specific permission. Our “radical” improvement comes from our realization that human interaction is the key to safer, more secure and efficient email. Blocking spam is one thing – extending the positive security model to manage all “bulk” email is entirely another – and that is the Sendio difference.

Sendio markets its products worldwide in partnership with resellers and systems integrators that focus on email solutions.

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