Industry Specific Email Security Solutions Customized solutions for critical functions in any specific vertical market.

At Sendio we understand that finding the right email security solutions for your industry is critical, because like you, we invent, build and sell in these markets every day.

Sendio for Healthcare

Anti-spam security presents a dilemma for hospitals, doctors, nurses, and the broader healthcare industry. Often the email content between healthcare practitioners contains references to human body parts and prescription drugs. The last thing that a busy healthcare professional wants is for his or her spam filter to stop an email due to a Viagra® reference and hurt their day-to-day efficiency.


Sendio for Casinos / Gaming

Likely your casino/gaming organization conducts hundreds of financial transactions and financial inquiries per day. With email as the chief vehicle for business communication, how do you ensure that this critical business correspondence doesn’t get caught in your spam filter?


Sendio for Government and Municipalities

The last several years have been difficult for government IT professionals. Your IT organization is likely doing twice as much work with the same or less staff. Sendio’s email security solution is here to help.

Sendio for Legal

Have you heard the one about the law firm in Colorado that missed its court date because of an over-active spam filter? They were ordered to pay thousands in related attorney fees and expenses incurred by lawyers representing the other side of the case.

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