Sendio’s leadership team has both pragmatic management experience from large organizations and start-up “need it right now” aggressiveness. This translates into an unwavering demand for delivering best products and fanatical customer care. We are supported by world class venture capital firms who actively participate in the growth and direction of our company.

We know you have a choice in email security and efficiency solutions so we wake up every day needing to execute faster, respond better, and take real risks with innovation. Based on the feedback of our intensely loyal customers, we are succeeding.

Feel free to send an email to any one of our executive team. When you do, you will be invited to join our community of contacts and experience in real time how our solutions work.

Erik Nathan, President and CEO

As the Chief Operating Officer, Erik sets the operational direction and big picture vision for Sendio. He works closely with the CFO and Chairman of the Board on budgeting, planning, marketing, and operations. Erik leverages his 20+ years of successful management experience to close complex deals. His expertise contributes to the overall success and financial well-being of the company.

Prior to his role with Sendio, Erik served as Board Director, COO, and CEO of Evantix GRC where he provided strategic direction, operational leadership, and change management for the award-winning SaaS platform. Ultimately he guided and negotiated the profitable sale of Evantix GRC to Optiv Security in May 2016. Erik began his career as the President / Founder of Regency Property Management which he grew, to manage a $65M+ portfolio comprised of more than 2,000 multi-family, residential units, and over 30 commercial/office/retail units in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Erik majored in Finance and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Tulane University in 1993.

Cameron Brown, Vice President, Engineering

[email protected]

A Sendio cofounder and head of the engineering team, Cameron implements the company vision and has been the principal designer and developer of the software used in Sendio’s products. He has been passionate about email since his days as a computer science student and email system administrator at UC Berkeley. Since 2004, Cameron has been committed to restoring the amazing utility and productivity he experienced with email in the years before it was co-opted by commercial marketers and criminal networks.

Prior to joining Sendio, Cameron served as Director of Engineering at Grey Zone, Inc., where he led product architecture and development for two generations of the company’s web-based extranet content management and security platform. He has one pending content-security patent stemming from this work. Cameron brings to Sendio nearly 20 years of experience designing and implementing secure, networked, client/server and web applications for the enterprise on various unix-based platforms with emphases in workflow, messaging, document transformation, and content management.

Cameron holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.