Sendio Opt-Inbox™

Eliminate nuisance messages

Sendio’s Opt-Inbox is a proprietary sender management process, acting on messages having cleared email security, which would otherwise be released into a user’s inbox, ensuring that recipients only receive messages from desirable sources, whether from individuals or subscriptions, leaving the new yet undecided sources to the recipient’s discretion in a queue separate from the usually messy quarantine queue.

Nuisance Elimination

Despite being protected by advanced email security systems, many inboxes continue to be inundated with countless security-cleared messages comprised of persistent sales pitches and marketing communications, distribution lists and bulk sources. Separating harmful messages in the quarantine queue from nuisance and potentially desired ones is increasingly difficult. This can become particularly troublesome for executives and professionals who can’t afford to overlook an important email and find out later they had a desirable message (false positive) in their cluttered quarantine queue.

Sendio’s nuisance message elimination and sender management module enables recipients to control which messages make it into their inbox and who are desirable senders. Opt-Inbox will remember the organization’s and the user’s preferences, based on historical choices and communications retaining the most recent decisions. Opt-Inbox also allows the Sendio recipient to decide what to do with safe messages coming from new or unknown senders: ask them to register and release through a challenge email that can be sent, as an optional setting at the recipient’s choice, or just prompt the recipient of a pending safe message in the queue. Part of this safe message pending queue extracted from the otherwise cluttered quarantine queue, Opt-Inbox enables a recipient to then categorize known senders into Accepted, Dropped or Hold senders dramatically reducing the inbox clutter and providing the users with unprecedented simplicity and control over their inbox. Opt-Inbox also provides an extra layer of protection against spoofing and phishing.

Complements Existing Email Security Solutions

While Sendio offers a full email security solution comprised of Session validation (Server Reconnaissance™), Message verification (Email Security Gateway™), and Sender management (Opt-Inbox™), it is possible for organizations generally satisfied with the performance of their email security to benefit from Opt-Inbox technology by just adding it to their email processing without having to change or replace their existing security set-ups.

Power Up Office 365

Opt-Inbox can be added to most independent email security solutions and can be integrated within the increasingly popular Office 365 structure of Microsoft Exchange Online Protection and Online Exchange. This enables organizations to choose or keep their chosen email security solution fitting their needs and add, post-security checks, Opt-Inbox’s unique nuisance message elimination and permitted sender management, getting the best of both worlds.

Behavioral Protection & User Control

How Sendio Opt-Inbox Works

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