Sendio Opt-Inbox™

More than an email spam checker

Did you know that the average employee receives 200 emails per day? And that of those 200 emails, typically only 10% are important? When your inbox is inundated with countless messages from spam, BACN or bulk sources, it’s hard to separate the junk from the mail you really need. This can become particularly troublesome for lawyers, doctors or anyone else who can’t afford to overlook an important email.

Behavioral Protection

Sendio’s Opt-Inbox™ isn’t a content filter, so you never have to worry about false positives and losing important emails. Instead, it’s a proprietary challenge response mechanism that ensures you only receive the mail you want. Your time is important, and it’s time you got an email solution that makes sure time is spent on the projects that matter, not on junk mail.

User Control

When automated newsletters and other potential nuisance emails get caught by Opt-Inbox, our unique email queue ensures that users can quickly and easily release messages from the senders they want to hear from.

Behavioral Protection & User Control

How Sendio Opt-Inbox Works

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