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Email Outage Support Process

If your Sendio instance (hosted, appliance, or virtual appliance) is not processing any email at all, this is considered a critical outage and is handled immediately. Always use this webform to report an email outage:

Report a System Outage

An engineer will get back to you within no more than 30 minutes 24 hours per day.

All other Support Tickets

For non-outages you have three options to reach us:

  1. Email [email protected].
    A ticket number will be automatically emailed back to you and any future Sendio updates will have that ticket number in the subject.of the email. You can also reply to the email and provide your own updates
  2. Use the non-outage web form here:
    Submit a Support Request
  3. Call Sendio Support
    You can reach Sendio support via phone at +1 (949) 274-4375 opt 3. If a support engineer is unable to answer your call immediately, leave a detailed message.