Migration from Postini

Simple Migration from Postini

If you have landed on this page, you are likely exploring a solution other than Google Apps when your current Postini contract expires. We are confident that Sendio can provide you best in class email security, business continuity, and email productivity. We encourage you to explore our website and learn about our capabilities, and make sure to see our raving customer testimonials.

Sendio has been in business for over 10 years and every Sendio customer will tell you that “Sendio just works.” Leave the spam and annoying junk email to us while you focus on the important emails related to your day-to-day business.

How is Sendio better than Postini/Google?

Here are some of the Sendio advantages:

1) Great Customer Service

You will be fully satisfied when you choose Sendio, and you can talk to a human being in Customer Service too! We’ll guide you step-by-step from Postini to Sendio with no disruption in your business.

2) Superior Email Security Technology

With Sendio you’ll never miss an important client email again due to inferior anti-spam technology.

Sendio uses no statistical or scoring methods for detecting spam. Nor does Sendio use crude email content filters. Sendio combines a set of accurate and tightly integrated email security layers, while also empowering each user in your organization to optimally manage his or her inbox through the use of our unique email community paradigm.

Sendio’s email community paradigm uses techniques similar to modern social networks and self-manages a community of permitted email senders for each user in your organization. No more annoying Junk emails or malicious spam, and no more false positives.

Learn more about our email security capabilities.

3) Longer Email retention period

Postini stores emails for only 14 days. Sendio stores all held/quarantined emails for up to 28 days, including previously delivered “good” email for business continuity purposes.

4) Multi-platform capability

Sendio supports three platforms – hosted, appliance, or virtual appliance (i.e. Sendio installed into a VMware® host). Whether you want to stay in the cloud or move in a different direction, Sendio has a platform solution to meet your requirements. The Sendio feature set is 100% identical across all three platforms.

We are confident that after your free 30-day trial you will be hooked on Sendio.

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