Sendio Email Continuity™

Always-on email feature that supports business continuity


Sendio Email Continuity is a cost-effective solution to ensure email communication remains available.

Receive, read, compose and send email (with or without attachments) just as you would with any other email system.

Sendio Email Continuity is an entirely independent email infrastructure for full redundancy. It’s different than most other email continuity solutions because you;

  • Have access to all: sent, deleted, read, and of course unread email, for up to four weeks prior to the email outage. This is unique to Sendio and provides true continuity by not disrupting or dropping the mail communications at the time of the outage.
  • Seamlessly access Email Continuity from Sendio Queue™. Employees will already be familiar with and know how to use the Sendio Queue™
    All user credentials for the Sendio Queue are stored – there is no implementation headache when Sendio Email Continuity is activated.
  • An excellent and feature rich email editor provides all the tools you need to create professional emails during an outage.
  • Open and deliver attachments just as you always do.
    Email folders sync automatically once the primary email functionality is restored.
  • Prolonged outages are no problem. Up to four weeks of email is stored ready for synchronization when your primary email is restored or your new messaging service is activated.
  • The Sendio Email Continuity feature is available on all Sendio platforms (Hosted, Appliance, and Virtual Appliance.)
  • Testing disaster recovery solutions is usually difficult. Not so with Sendio Email Continuity. Another unique feature is that any number of email addresses may have Continuity enabled while the rest continue normal operation. Great for testing and training remote offices.

Administration Made Easy

The beauty of Sendio’s Email Continuity system is that the there is no changes to administration. The simplicity of Sendio Email Continuity capabilities extend beyond the end users to the Administrators;

  • Search for messages (a common task during outages), release messages, adjust filtering parameters, reporting.
  • Opt-Inbox functions perfectly during an outage.
  • Opt-Inbox, all filtering capabilities for that matter, are unaffected by an outage. Maintain security and email efficiency regardless of email outages.


What would a fully redundant email system cost? How about if it had the ability to seamless start when your primary system fails and sync back to your primary system with a mouse click? Sendio Email Continuity costs pennies a day per employee. It may be added to any existing Sendio installation with a downloadable update.

Ready to really start protecting your business from threats?

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