Sendio Email Security Gateway™

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Sendio Server Recon™

Our “SMTP-layer Challenge Response Technology” is not a form of content filtering. Instead, our Server Recon technology is a real time representation of a server’s response. Server Recon develops a reputation score on the fly and will re-score the server every 30 days to make sure the score is up to date.

Cost Effective

Email Security Gateway™provides security and filtering accuracy at an affordable price. Competitively priced yet full featured Email Security Gateway™ is a tremendous value.

IP Reputation

IP Reputation filters are a better way of understanding an email than content checks as there are more important criteria when checking for spam than whether an email “looks like spam.” When coupled with our Silverlisting technology, our IP reputation check provides a powerful filter that stops the vast majority of SPAM in its tracks.

Anti-Virus Protection

Sendio utilizes multiple AV technologies to inspect email for malicious content. Definition-based and Pattern Matching AV engines block known threats and zero-day threats.


Sendio allows support for all customer domains with no additional cost


Utilizing SPF and DKIM, Sendio verifies the host server against expected IP range and validates domain name identity.

Granular Administrative Control

Global, Domain, Group and Individual settings allow flexible administrative control.

Hardened Linux OS Kernel

Our Appliance, whether virtual or physical, is based on a hardened Linux operating system that has been stripped down to remove functionality not required in a security product, and locked down to ensure that the OS isn’t vulnerable to security threats.

TLS Encryption (Server to Server) Included

Our encryption is server-to-server, which means that every message you send is safe from the moment it leaves our server to moment it’s delivered to the recipient’s email server.

Email Spooling

If your servers go down, emails will often be hard-bounced and never resent. We spool your emails for up to 28 days, double the time our competitors do, to make sure your emails are there when you come back online. Whether you’re experiencing a server emergency or routine maintenance, we’ll make sure you get every message you need.


Continuity is your actual ability to view the spooled email. We’ll make sure that you have access to your emails for one month after they’re sent. The time these emails are held for can also be modified or even done away with completely for our customers with compliancy issues.

Delivery Architecture

Sendio offers three delivery options for our solution – Hosted, Appliance, and Virtual Appliance.


Remove Spam and Malicious Messages

Virtually eliminates the bulk messages, spam mail and threat of email-borne malware without our multiple tiers of security. Our Email Security Gateway™ will keep you safe and eliminate the hundreds of spam messages that flood your inbox every day.

Zero Impact

Our Email Security Gateway™ represents a zero impact challenge response system. Meaning that you get the security of a challenge response system with no impact to either you or the sender. Because this system is machine to machine, it’s completely invisible to both parties.

Upgrade Ready

Sendio’s Email Security Gateway™ provides the best in email security without impacting either user. If you decide you want to upgrade to our Opt-Inbox, just let us know and we can seamlessly transition you to the full Sendio experience.

Minimized Content Filtering Eliminates False Positives

By not relying heavily on content filtering, we have eliminated the possibility of false positives. Our exclusive, multi-tiered security solution combines several different filters together, giving you the power of a content filtered spam solution without the worry of false positives.

Disaster Recovery

Your email is always safe, even if your server goes down, giving you peace of mind and, more importantly, email continuity.

Fully Upgradable

Choose to add Opt-Inbox, Sendio’s flagship solution at any time. Upgrade in just a few minutes and you’ll have the most comprehensive and accurate messaging security and productivity solution available today.

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